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Bed Bugs Barrie Ontario Services Make Residents Rest more Easily

Treating Bed Bugs in Barrie, Ontario

Throughout the seasons, pest control companies regularly provide bed bugs Barrie Ontario services to employers and residents. Often, a bed bug problem can develop because the uninvited pest will accompany people who travel frequently. That’s why the bugs are often found in hospitality facilities, such as hotels.

Hot and Cold Applications

Fortunately, companies, such as Environmental Pest Control in Toronto, specialize in bed bug treatments and can get rid of the bugs using one of a variety of methods. A new, innovative process used by the company is a cryonite treatment, which efficiently freezes the bugs dead using a snow made of carbon dioxide. Another safe and effective technique is to use heat. Thermal remediation, which is used in spots, where the bugs and their eggs are difficult to reach, has been proven to be a safe and non-toxic way to thoroughly get rid of the insects.

Making a Decision

Of course, many companies use insecticides to treat the problem too, all which are registered with Health Canada as being safe to use. Treatment choices are based on the severity of the problem, the area that needs to be treated, and what a consumer can afford to spend.

K-9 Detection

Companies such as Environmental Pest Control also make use of K-9s to locate bed bugs as well. While most service technicians possess the knowledge and experience to find and locate bugs, the dogs are far more adept at finding any bugs that are not readily visible. Use of the dogs helps technicians locate bed bugs that may be residing within crevices, behind a wall, or beneath the floorboard.

Protective Coverings

Once bed bugs are treated, companies often provide coverings and bedding to keep the bugs away. The protective covering keep bugs away from pillows, mattresses, and box springs, and all have been lab tested and certified for use.

Innovative Techniques and Technologies Today Keep Bed Bug Infestations to a Minimum

So, whether you suspect you may have a bed bug problem or need to get rid of the bugs and their eggs, pest control specialists offer a number of innovative techniques to ensure the health of individuals who can be affected by the bugs. Generally, treatments are performed in hospitality facilities, in health care institutions, and in dorms at colleges.

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